Before I get started, I just wanted to say RIP David Bowie. What a remarkable man. He’s one of my all time heroes and if my FB feed is anything to go by, he was one of almost everyone’s all time heroes who made the most incredible contribution to so many lives. What a world.
Life is short. Life is for living. He certainly did that. Vale.

Now where was I?

Ah yes.

Chartin’ and film clippin’ –  

I’m pleased to say that Wicked World is charting at #6 (up from #8 last week) and in some mighty fine company on the AMRAP regional charts. You can check out AMRAP here:

Speaking of Wicked World, I filmed a video clip for it on the weekend to be released in February. Now when I say that I filmed it, what I really mean is that the good people at Kookimoon Designs filmed it… I was just sitting on some sand dunes, driving in my car, handing out envelopes to people in parks and houses and catching a train out of town!

All will be revealed when the clip is sent out into the world next month so keep an eye out.

Bye for now,


Source: Weebly