So it’s no secret that the EP is out now! You can head over to iTunes and grab yourself a copy.

I’ve had some excellent reviews and write ups about Wicked World so far so I’d just like to thank Rip It Up in Adelaide for the EP preview and streaming online here:

Also Forrister Jenot at Spreading the Seed

and Sean Kemp with upside news for a great review here

Now, down to business! I’ve had a great time these first few days. Craig Kelly the magical bass player and I went to Beechworth to play at Bridge Road brewers on mothers day. We met some delightful people and had some delightful beer and pizza. I recommend the Porter if you find yourself up that way.

Yesterday (Tuesday the 10th) I had the pleasure of dropping into 3CR in Fitzroy to have a chat to Joe Malignaggi and sing a few songs. That’ll be aired this Friday on ‘Music Matters’ and you can stream it via the 3CR website if you’re that way inclined.

Tonight I play at The Drunken Poet at 8pm with Girl Friday. Can’t wait! More later.

Tara x


Source: Weebly

Source: Weebly